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Autism Today is an association established by Applied Behaviour Analysis specialists, parents of autistic children and celebrities supporting the idea of establishing specialised centres for social integration all around the country as well as raising awareness and enabling high quality of life to autistic people and their families in Bulgaria. The mission of the organisation is to make it possible for these centres to implement scientifically proven methods of work and communication with these children applying global  and European professional and ethical standards in their practice.

Autism Today is mainly focused on the following areas:
- Establishing a professional society in Bulgaria of highly qualified specialists providing professional care and work with autistic children;
- Campaigns of public awareness and change of mindsets;
- Active participation in legislative amendments in order to enhance the quality of life to autistic people in Bulgaria and their families.

Autism Today Association and Sofia Mayor, Mrs. Y. Fandakova, officially opened the first ABA center at the end of Sep 2015 with support from Sofia Municipality and many donors. The specialists are accredited by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board. Their main task is to tailor an individual programme for each child with autism. The ABA programme is a dream come true for many generations of parents of autistic children in Bulgaria.

Until recently Bulgaria was among the countries with no certified specialists in ABA for children with autism spectrum disorders. With the support of publicly renowned celebrities lately we have managed to provide qualitative support to children at the earliest age possible.

Moreover, Autism Today Association is a member of Autism Europe Association, and the  National Patients’ Organisation in Bulgaria and has got the sole full rights for Light It Up Blue campaign in Bulgaria (2 April).


2012: Colour in Blue – National Library in Sofia
2013: Colour in Blue – National Art Gallery
2014: Colour in Blue – Sofia University
2015: Colour in Blue – President’s Office
2016: Colour in Blue – National Palace of Culture