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Alliance Print

Alliance Print is one of the biggest and rapidly developing printing house companies in Bulgaria. Over the years Alliance Print has established itself as a leading company in the production of high quality printed materials.

Our portfolio includes newspapers; books; advertising materials – catalogues, brochures, posters, flyers; magazines; packages; labels; calendars and many others.

Alliance Print does not sell printed materials to its clients, it provides tools for fulfillment of their business goals.

Our aim is to constantly upgrade and innovate our service package. This is the main reason why the company is investing heavily in new technology.

Regardless of our cutting edge technology, we view our personnel as the most valuable resource that we posses. Alliance Print employs highly-qualified, dedicated and ambitious people. We believe in our strong team work, and hold annual training seminars and workshops.

Alliance Print is customer oriented, with customer satisfaction being our top priority. We are trying to achieve this through individual approach to our clients, competent and high quality service as well as competitive and flexible pricing policy.

Since 2010, the company has been operating internationally. One of the main goals of Alliance Print is to increase its market share in the foreign markets. The high quality of the products, the short manufacturing periods and the strategic geographical location enables the company to compete successfully with other European countries that have strong traditions in the sector such as France, Belgium, Germany and Italy.

Every year the exported production is growing. In 2015 it was 3 times bigger compared to 2014.

To be able to respond to the increased market competitiveness, Alliance Print constantly renovates its production facilities.

We guarantee products of excellent quality and ensure a commitment to prompt delivery, which exceed our customer's expectations. You only need to submit your file to get on time accurately made product.

Our most valuable assets are our employees, our time-proven experience, and our perfect customer service.