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MM Group is a company with a history of over 20 years. Throughout this time, we have succeeded in becoming a guaranty for the quality of services we offer to our clients and partners. The overall concept of the Group is to provide a comprehensive service which would have been impossible without the invaluable contribution of all members of the MM family: MM Broker, MM Auto, ММ Construction and  MM World.

MM Broker is the company which laid the foundations of the Group. The services it offers cover all types of insurance and perfect logistics in dealing with claims and damages. Our team examines all the products on the market and prepares accurate analyses which are consistent with the needs and abilities of the client. The insurance broker operates on the territory of the entire country through an extensive partner network. It is the comprehensive service and the high level of trust of our clients that have enabled us in the past 10 years to top the charts for volume and to receive a series of awards from our partners. MM Broker is a first-class broker, second to none in corporate insurance.

MM Auto is the market leader in the premium segment for the sales of motor vehicles and automobile services. MM Auto is proud of the fact that it has sold over 3,500 automobiles at a total of BGN 3 billion. The company has an affiliate in Germany – the biggest automobile market in Europe. It was this strategic step of the team that has made it possible for the company to establish productive contacts with the best dealers and manufacturers. Pursuing its global market strategy, MM Auto has established itself beyond its usual markets – Russia, the Middle East and Asia. The Company has established contractual relations with some of the most prestigious and desirable brands in the automobile sector such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, MINI and Land Rover.

ММ Construction is a consortium uniting several construction companies. Our construction company has been developing in two main areas:

  • Implementing public procurement contracts in the field of high-rise building, infrastructure, archeology, and conservation and restoration works;
  • Design, implementation and construction – a complete set of engineering services provided in connection with the investment projects of MM Group.

MM World is the youngest member and a present for the 20th anniversary of MM Group. In addition to being our working environment, it is an exclusive home for some, and a gourmet destination with the restaurant headed by chef Andre Tokev, situated in the building. MM World was awarded Building of the Year in 2015.

MM Group is a family business of the scale of a global corporation.