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Billa Bulgaria

REWE International is the market leader in Austria for retail cosmetic and food products and is one of the largest employers in the country. In Australia and other countries, the number of employees of REWE International amounted to 76 000 employed in about 3,600 shops. In 2012 the total turnover of the company rose to 12.75 billion.

The company is part of the German REWE Group, one of the European leaders in trade and tourism. At the moment REWE Group employs 327,600 people in about 15,500 stores in 13 European countries, providing a turnover of around 49.7 billion euros.

From its headquarters in Wiener Neudorf, Lower Austria, REWE International manages commercial firms BILLA, MERKUR, PENNY, BIPA and ADEG in Austria, as well as many private labels . The company is also active in the tourism industry by BILLA Reisen, JAHN REISEN, MERKUR Ihr Urlaub and PENNY PACK'N'GO. Meanwhile REWE International operates a successful business in the segment of supermarkets in Italy and in seven countries of Central and Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

BILLA Bulgaria is the first international supermarket chain in the Bulgarian market, entered in 2000 with the opening of its first store on 5 October in Sofia. BILLA Bulgaria is among the largest foreign companies in the country. In the ranking of "Capital" "The largest 100 Bulgarian companies", BILLA Bulgaria is among the top 35 companies.

The chain is represented in 35 cities in the country with 86 shops, 25 of them in the capital alone. The company continues intensively to develop its network of supermarkets.

The chain successfully introduced retail innovations in its shop on Bulgaria Blvd in Sofia which became the standard for quality, freshness, variety and convenience. Only there exclusively for the country is the largest and most successful Austrian market biobrand Ja! Natuerlich.