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Kamenitza AD is a leading Bulgarian brewing company, founder of the brewing industry in the country. The company offers a diverse product portfolio, including the local brands Kamenitza, Astika, Burgasko, Slavena, and the international licensed brands Stella Artois, Beck’s and Staropramen. The brands Kamenitza and Astika are the fastest growing local beer brands on the Bulgarian market and at the end of 2012 their market shares amounted to 19.3% and 10%, respectively, according to data by AC Nielsen.

Kamenitza AD operates two breweries in Plovdiv and Haskovo and the number of company employees exceeds 700 people. For the past 5 years (2008-2012) the company has made more than BGN 88 million worth of investments.

In 2012 Kamenitza AD became part of Molson Coors Brewing Company – one of the leading global brewers, included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index and leading the rankings in the “Beverages” segment.

An integral part of the development of Kamenitza AD is its Corporate Social Responsibility policy /CSR/, which is based on four strategic pillars – responsible employer, community relations, responsible producer and environment. For each of them the company implements numerous long-term programs and initiatives.

Emblematic of the CSR policy of Kamenitza AD is the campaign “Alcohol Is a Bad Driver”. Through it the company makes a social commitment related to responsible alcohol consumption. The first edition of the campaign in 2008 was awarded by the then-current EU Transport Commissioner Mario Tajani as the best initiative for road safety in the country. In 2012 the campaign received recognition also from Foundation “Annual Road Safety Awards”, by winning the prestigious award for best campaign in category “Initiative for Road Safety, organized by companies and corporations.”

One of the largest CSR projects of the company is “Kamenitza FANcup” – the biggest amateur football tournament in Bulgaria, which was launched in 2003 with the goal to promote mass sport as a healthy lifestyle, sportsmanship and teamwork; unite football fans across the country and provide professional conditions to play. For the past 10 years the investments in the tournament exceed BGN 10 million.