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Maxim Behar at the Davos Forum: Social Networks Become People's Homes

February 11, 2010
Maxim Behar at the Davos Forum: Social Networks Become People's Homes

Social networks are going to replace countries as the primary means of identification, Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar stated in his presentation at the World Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Behar, who is the CEO of Bulgaria’s largest PR company M3 Communications Group, Inc., and Deputy Chair of BBLF, was the only Bulgarian representative at the World Forum for Communication Top-Managers in the Swiss mountain resort Davos which took place immediately after the end of the World Economic Forum.

In addition to moderating panel discussions during the first day of the forum, he gave a presentation on “The Modern Public Communications and the New Media” during which he was interrupted several times by the applause of top experts in the industry such as Paul Holmes – world’s leading analyst of PR markets, Cristina Gallach - Head of Division at the EU Council and Spokesperson of outgoing EU High Representative Javier Solana, Garret Johnston – leading marketing expert, among others.

“Soon, when asked where you live, your answer will be, “On Facebook.” The world is moving so rapidly that soon it will not matter who lives in which state, we are just going to mention the social network we participate in, and this is how we will identify ourselves,” Behar stated in his presentation.

“The fact of the matter is that everybody is already a public figure in the social network that they are part of, and everybody is trying to do PR there – either for themselves, or for their company or products. This is an enormous change in the public relations business globally. This is a change in the life of every single person with Internet access. Let’s not forget that if Facebook was a country, it would have been the third most populous country in the world after China and India, and MySpace would have been the fifth,” Maxim Behar said.

“I value highly the invitation I received by the organizers of the Davos forum. This is a recognition of the strong development of the PR business in Bulgaria over the recent years, and of the achievements of all my colleagues in Bulgaria. The organization of the forum was perfect, and the topics were extremely interesting,” declared the Bulgarian representative at the World Forum for Communication Top-Managers.

Bulgarian businessman and PR expert Maxim Behar is the CEO of M3 Communications Group, Inc. which has been a part of Hill & Knowlton Associates Group since 2000. He is the Chair of the Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies, and the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Seychelles in Bulgaria.