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Ian Soutar: Prince Charles' Visit Confirms His Continuing Interest in Bulgaria

March 12, 2003
Ian Soutar: Prince Charles' Visit Confirms His Continuing Interest in Bulgaria

The British Ambassador Ian Soutar arrived in Sofia on 3rd December 2001 and presented his credentials on 11 December. His previous appointment was as the UK Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva (1997-2001).


H.E. Soutar answered questions of Martina Iovcheva


Q: Is the coming visit of the Prince of Wales to Bulgaria recognition for the improved relations between Bulgaria and Great Britain?

A: As you know, the Prince visited Bulgaria in 1998. This second visit confirms his continuing interest in Bulgaria, and will give him an opportunity to bring himself up to date with recent developments.


Q: The Prince of Wales will spend about two hours with the members of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum. How important is in your opinion the work of such forums for the improvement of the business climate in our country?

A: I think the work of associations like the BBLF is very important. British and other foreign investors want reassurance that they will be operating on a level playing field when they come to Bulgaria. The BBLF is committed to open and transparent business practices based on ethical values and respect for employees, communities and the environment.


Q: Why are there so little British investors in Bulgaria? Do you think that the visit of the Prince of Wales will be a good promotion that will bring more investors to Bulgaria?

A: There is a lot of interest among potential British investors in Bulgaria. More needs to be done to promote the image of Bulgaria as a good place for foreign companies to invest, with a well educated workforce and relatively lower production costs.


Q: Do you think attempts to agree on a resolution on Iraq acceptable to all sides in the UN Security Council are doomed?

A: I think that it is very important to continue to work hard to bring the Security Council to a united common position, in order to maintain the pressure on Iraq.


Q: How could a war against Iraq be prevented at this stage?

A: By Saddam immediately coming into full compliance with Resolution 1441.

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