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Appeal for standardization of entry plug connectors

September 12, 2008
Appeal for standardization of entry plug connectors

The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum is the leading business association in Bulgaria that promotes the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility and stimulates the business community to make profits transparently and ethically. Its members have always strived to engage themselves and their employees in community-oriented activities thus influencing positively the everyday life of people and addressing burning issues of global interest. In this respect BBLF fully supports the introduction of a uniform entry plug connector for mobile phones and other electronic appliances which will increase the freedom to the EU telecommunication market and will lead to a solid reduction in costs. All this will undoubtedly facilitate the everyday life of EU citizens and make a small step on our way to save energy and resources thus reducing global warming, which is declared EU priority. For example, in June 2007, China introduced such standardization of new mobile headsets, which is expected to lead to annual savings of some USD 314,000,000.


At the conference "Public Policies on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Eastern and Central Europe", was held on 9-10 September 2008 in Vilnius, Lithuania Mr. Stamen Tassev, BBLF Executive Director presented the proposal for standardization of entry plug connectors of the various peripherals, made by Mr. Solomon Passy, Chairman of the Bulgarian Parliament's Foreign Policy Committee and Former Foreign Minister of Bulgaria and Ms. Gergana Grancharova, Minister of the European Affairs in Bulgaria. The participants unanimously agreed to support the proposal by letters to relevant bodies from EU administration. This proposal was send to and welcomed by Mr. Günter Verheugen, Vice President and European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry in the European Commission.

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