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Splendid Sofia with More Bicycles and Less Cars

June 28, 2008
Splendid Sofia with More Bicycles and Less Cars

Today, a special demonstration took place with the aim to persuade the citizens of Sofia how efficient transportation with bicycles is. For that reason a gathering of bicycles and cars was organized in order to show clearly that reducing the traffic in the capital is a long-term sustainable solution for healthier life and individual freedom. The demonstration had the goal to persuade the state authorities at the need of a special cycleways in Sofia.


This event is organized by Drag-Velomania and is called "Streets for people". It is a natural sequence of last year's European Mobility Week when TNT Bulgaria organized its CSR campaign - "Ride a Bicycle, Arrive on Time". BBLF Executive Director Stamen Tassev took active part in both events.

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