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The Anglo American School Again Awards over BGL 780 000 to Talented Bulgarian Students

March 06, 2008
The Anglo American School Again Awards over BGL 780 000 to Talented Bulgarian Students

The premier international school in Bulgaria, the Anglo-American School of Sofia (AAS) again invites academically talented Bulgarian students to apply for the AAS full 3 and 4 year scholarships, starting 2008-2009 school year.  Last year AAS awarded full high school scholarships to six Bulgarian students. The investment for their full high school education is 680,000 leva. This initiative is part of the school 's commitment to support  Bulgaria.  AAS has over 12 years experience in Corporate Social Responsibility, supporting needy places throughout the country. The school aims to become a high quality CSR leader in investing in young Bulgarians. AAS strongly believes that now is the right time for dignified companies to invest in talented young Bulgarians as they will be their future employees, determing the success of their business and the development of the country.


Please read the thoughts of a few of the AAS current high scholars. They share how they have benefited academically and what their future plans are.


Rayana, Gr. 10, coming from The Math and Science School in Sofia


AAS is a lifestyle of success.


It now has been almost six months since I have had my first class at the AAS and I have never been more confident about the fact that I made the right decision.

AAS gives all its students the chance to receive the internationally recognized diploma and here teachers try to help us understand and follow its specific features. I especially like the curriculum as it is organized in a very appropriate way. We have each subject three times a week while in Bulgarian schools we used to have Math more often than sports, for example. At AAS we know that each specific class has important role in our daily life so we pay equal attention to all of them which I like a lot. Moreover, the thing that I have noticed is that all the new Bulgarian children here were supported not only by the teachers, but also by all of the international students.


Nasko, Gr. 10, coming from the Math and Science Gymnasium in Stara Zagora a Silver medalist in the International Math Olimpiad 2005 in Turkey, strongly interested in Astronomy


For me the AAS Scholarship is an Opportunity of a Lifetime


All the Bulgarian teenagers who now read this- I'm sure that you've dreamt of a school with a gorgeous brand new building, of a school with an 8000 volume library, of a school with top-notch science and ICT labs with brand new equipment and computers, of a school with gym and equipment for more than 10 sports, of a school providing a worldwide recognised diploma times better than the Bulgarian ones.

Here is the place where staff- teachers, directors, parents- work for the sake of students. A school where teachers are rather your friends than your enemies. Where there is freedom, not only limitations. A school that teaches you the principles of successful life rather than useless facts and formulas. 

Now, most of you think that the school will never choose them. Well, just about a year ago I thought the same thing. Now, I am happier than ever- with endless future opportunities, with a lot of friends. So, when applying for a full scholarship at AAS keep in mind that the school does not necessarily look for geniuses. AAS is searching for interesting and well rounded personalities who are going to contribute to the diversity and atmosphere in the school. In other words- we are looking for you!


Mira, Gr. 9, coming from the American College of Sofia


Winning the scholarship was one of the highest achievements in my life.


I am glad that I am one of the few that got the chance to be an active member of the diverse AAS community. If you ask me to look back and evaluate the changes in my life after my acceptance, I may say they are mainly positive. To be honest, on the first day of school I was surprised by what I met. The curricular and the schedule were so much different from what I expected. Having periods from 65 minutes seemed too much for me, but I did not need much time to realize that it actually was just enough. In my previous school, our lessons were scheduled to 40 minutes, but often that time was not enough for my teachers and they took time from our breaks in order to complete their work. We have now the time to ask many questions and discuss topics that are not very clear in class.

I find the way we are taught very efficient. I really like the teachers because they are passionate about their subjects and they try to make us interested in the material we cover. I like the fact that we are often asked to think and bother with different topics. Unlike my old school where memorizing was the major part of being successful, here the individual thoughts and understandings play bigger role. In my opinion, it is great that we start preparing ourselves for the IB program. What I like about the school is not just the curricular. It is also the fact that an English-speaking environment surrounds us. Meeting so many people that inherit so many different cultures enriches your life and teaches you to be open-minded. It is inexplicable how people from so many cultures live together, give each other support, and are friends with each other.


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