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UNICEF's call for the Responsible Business in Bulgaria

February 08, 2008
UNICEF's call for the Responsible Business in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum is pleased to present to you the opportunity to join the "The Magnificent Six" initiative, organised by bTV and UNICEF. The campaign aims at raising funds in support of the children in Mogilino's institution for children with disabilities. Our specific objective is to establish "Small Family Type Houses for Children", where the children would be given the chance for a better future and where they would receive individual special care and attention. The Small Family Type Houses would enable them to speak out about their feelings and desires, their devotion, about their hopes and dreams.


The "The Magnificent Six" is broadcasted by bTV every Monday and Thursday until February 21st, 2008. Famous Bulgarian artists - Mariana Popova, Dassy Dobreva, Reni, Dicho, Dancho Karadjov and Vesselin Marinov perform on stage in duets with celebrities - Nikolay Svinarov, Titi Papazov, Martin Zahariev, Mariana Vekilska, Nelly Ivanova and Rumyana Marinova. Host of the charity show is the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF for Bulgaria, Ani Salich.


The organizers kindly invite the representatives of the socially responsible business in Bulgaria to join them for the successful completion of the project "Small Family Type Houses for Children". They would like to encourage companies to become "Champions for Children" through donating funds in support of the generous cause for the children in Mogilino. The first three biggest donor companies will receive the title "Champions for children".


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