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Kuneva: Business might help the government with useful advices

February 05, 2003
Kuneva: Business might help the government with useful advices

BBLF Members Meet Minister of European Affairs at a working breakfast
"Heading towards a full-fledged membership to the EU, we are aware that Corporate Social Responsibility is an issue of key importance to us," said Ms. Meglena Kuneva, Minister of European Affairs, at a business breakfast, organized by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum on February 5, 2003, at the Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan.

Participants in the meeting were BBLF members, and representatives of guest companies and diplomatic missions.

Minister Kuneva expressed her appreciation of the fact, that BBLF members produced and are imposing the Business Ethics Standard in the young Bulgarian national market. She stressed that the European Union is very supportive of all responsible business practices, as they have a positive contribution to the strategic goal of achieving sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion. She stated that business communities are very important advisers to the government and such meetings are very useful and important.


"The government works hard for further progress towards the new challenges, ensuring also that the legislative framework is ethical," Kuneva said. She gave as an example environmental legislation, which should comply with international regulations for environmental conservation.


The Minister shared her support for a public contract between the Ministry of Education, the student committees, and the business.


BBLF Chairman Mr. Maxim Behar emphasized that the Forum has variety of initiatives aiming the development of the Bulgarian education and successful transition of the students from Universities to business.

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