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Hungarian Business Leaders Forum celebrated its Fifteenth Anniversary

October 11, 2007
Hungarian Business Leaders Forum celebrated its Fifteenth Anniversary

The Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF) celebrated its fifteenth Anniversary at the Upper House of the Hungarian Parliament on October 11. HBLF was founded in 1992, associated with The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, headquartered in London.

The event was addressed by László Mandur, Deputy Speaker of the House; Kinga Göncz, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Borbála Czakó, President of HBLF and Adrian Hodges, Managing Director of IBLF as well. After the official speaches there was a big celebration in honour of the Forum's fifteenth anniversary, which was attended by more than 100 buisness and state authorities' representatives. Ms. Borbála Czakó, HBLF President and Mr. Richard Skene, HBLF Chairman received special addresses on behalf of Ms. Maria Shishkova, BBLF Chairperson praising the 15 years of successful work of HBLF.


Later on, on October 12 a regional meeting of the offices in Central and Eastern Europe affiliated to IBLF was held. The event was attended by executives from the Hungarian, Polish and Bulgarian Business Leaders Forums. The meeting highlighted good case practices from the region and strengthened the network between the IBLF offices from Central and Eastern Europe.

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