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AAM Management Information Consulting: a Guinness World Record attempt with a cause

May 09, 2024
AAM Management Information Consulting: a Guinness World Record attempt with a cause

Zoltán Ruttkay, consultant at AAM Management Information Consulting is preparing for a Guinness World Record attempt, aiming to reach the most capitals by bicycle within one week. 

What’s the cause?

Zoltán’s record attempt seeks to highlight that the bicycle is not only the best urban transportation option for most people but is is capable of covering distances that are inconvenient even for cars.

In addition to enabling cyclists to reach their destinations faster within cities compared to public transport, they also improve their own and the environment's health by reducing air pollution. To be more precise cycling creates 0,18€ positive externality per kilometer for the society. See more at the link. 

To encourage more residents of Budapest to cycle, he is offering free theoretical and practical cycling lessons in the capital. 

What is the record, where can you follow, or join the challenge? 

Starting from Sofia on May 13th, his route will pass through 10 capitals, specifically Skopje, Tirana, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest. To reach Budapest he will pass the Dinarides mountain range and climb over 15000 meters of elevation in total. 

This challenge covers over 2000 kilometers, nearly double the average weekly distance of the Tour de France. Reaching 10 capitals will mean to achieve a (Guinness) World Record. 

„I challenge you to join me by cycling to your workplace during this week and thereafter too. Cycle more in 2024 than me during this week, as this is the whole point of the challenge to encourage you to switch to cycling or other active mode of transportation from driving a car or from public transport. 

You can follow my challenge at AAM Bulgaria’s LinkedIn page or at my athlete page:” 

Besides being a project manager and business analyst Zoltán is the current Hungarian road marathon cycling champion, former Guinness World Record holder, and a multiple-time national team cyclist.


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