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BBLF Chairman Maxim Behar: We love and we hate for the sake of the social-responsible business

November 28, 2006
BBLF Chairman Maxim Behar: We love and we hate for the sake of the social-responsible business

Welcoming words at the opening of the official ceremony of the BBLF Annual Responsible Business Awards 2006


For a fourth time we bestow our awards - the most prestigious, the most valuable and, I would say, the most challenging awards of the Bulgarian transition period, the Responsible Business Awards.


I will skip all the statistics in order to give an answer to a question that has been recently raised by our society - why did we create these awards.


Three years ago we initiated the BBLF Responsible Business Awards because we, the businessmen, can love and hate just as everybody else.


First, we love Bulgaria and its people with their intellect and achievements, the people, who have already reached their place in Europe. We especially love and recognize the future extremely talented generations.


Second, we love our business teams, our colleagues; we believe we have successfully selected people who are real European professionals and specialists.


Third, we love the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum - the organization that started with 12 companies 8 years ago and that now has over 250 members; the organization that for its time being has trained more than 10 000 students; the organization that has created the Business Ethic Standards in modern European Bulgaria and that now has the most difficult task of all business organizations in the country - to stand up for all of these - every day, every hour, in every deal, at every business meeting - and to develop them.


But we also know how to hate.


First and most, we hate the corruption and all forms of shadow and unfair business. Therefore, until BBLF exists, we will hate them.


Then, we hate the ones who lack initiative and desire for a change, the ones who are indifferent and impassive to everything that happens around us every day. It would be hard for us to accept them and even harder to do business with them.


And last, we hate Bulgaria being pointed at as one among the last of the European countries. We hate it being referred to as a source of crime, frauds and corruption, shady deals and shadow business; because this is not the truth.


In this respect, we have our awards today to show that the transparent and honest Bulgarian business is already leading, that there are companies, already thousands of them, which are as competitive as their European colleagues, not only in their profits and management, but also in their ethics standards.


Ladies and gentlemen, this evening is dedicated exactly to the best of these companies.


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