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Hundreds of Volunteers Became Beekeepers for a Day

October 10, 2023
Hundreds of Volunteers Became Beekeepers for a Day

One day is enough to change the entire beekeeping year for dozens of local beekeepers 

Beekeeper for a Day, the largest volunteer event in Bulgaria dedicated to bees, took place at Sofia Zoo this fall for a second consecutive year. Over 300 volunteers of TELUS International Bulgaria from Sofia and Plovdiv, together with their families and friends, assembled 50 beehives and 1,000 wax frames, beautified the park area, and planted 200 honey plants. 

The volunteers also constructed three hotels for wild pollinators, unique in nature and scale for the country. Wild pollinators are essential to our ecosystem as they carry pollen and make pollination and fertilization of plants possible. They are exothermic insects whose survival depends on external heat sources such as sunlight to regulate their body temperature and metabolism. In a period of climatic changes, these shelters play a vital role for them. 

Dozens of Bulgarian beekeepers from all over the country who are part of the partner program of the Istinski Med Foundation will benefit from the donation. The new hives will be home to over 3 million bees, and the estimated effect of the campaign amounts to billions of pollinated plants per year and the yield of approximately two tons of organic honey. 

TELUS Days of Giving: Beekeeper for a Day is dedicated to promoting care for biodiversity and the environment. In 2022 and 2023, Beekeeper for a Day has become the largest bee volunteer event ever held in the country. All support for bees and beekeepers in Bulgaria includes over 6,000 hours of volunteer work, donated by hundreds of employees, their friends, and families. Volunteers have built homes for a total of over 6.6 million bees, which pollinate around 65 billion plants each year. 

For the first edition of the initiative, TELUS International Bulgaria received a bronze award in the volunteering category in the prestigious The International CSR Excellence Awards 2023, presented by the British environmental protection group The Green Organization

TELUS Days of Giving is TELUS International's largest volunteer initiative, inspired by the company's philosophy: "We give where we live". TELUS Days of Giving has been held in Bulgaria since 2013, within these 11 years, 8,000 volunteers have donated over 45,000 hours of voluntary work for the benefit of socially significant causes and nature conservation. 

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TELUS International Bulgaria is a publicly traded company (NYSE & TSX: TIXT) and is the largest employer in the CX (Customer Experience) industry in the country with over 5000 team members, located in two offices in Sofia and one in Plovdiv. The company provides a broad portfolio of services - designing, building and delivering next-generation digital services, AI solutions, customer experience and much more in the field of fintech, high-tech, tourism, video, console, and mobile games. The company's primary focus is strict adherence to all our clients' procedures and practices. We are an independent outsourcing services provider and do not function as a local representation of our partners. 

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