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Business and Prosecutor's office together against corruption

October 24, 2006
Business and Prosecutor's office together against corruption
The BBLF Managing Board met with Bulgaria's Chief Prosecutor Boris Velchev at a constructive business breakfast. Under the larger theme of corruption, an array of topics of common concern were discussed. The Prosecutor emphasized on the role of more extensive education in the area of civics and law, on a high school as well as university level, as a means to foster a new mentality in the country's young generation. In that view, BBLF's initiatives - ENGAGE and Business Master Classes were envisioned as fruitful contributing projects. Another valuable means of long-term corruption prevention would be the initiative proposed by BBLF Executive Director Stamen Tassev to introduce laws for reducing cash payment on higher financial transaction levels.


The phenomenon of corruption at lower and higher levels was addressed, as well as in view of organized crime discussing different ways of dealing with it, and how the business is affected. In addition, the Chief Prosecutor invited business in Bulgaria to approach magistrates of his institution at all levels, as they are trustworthy and committed in fighting corruption.


In conclusion, BBLF Chairman Maxim Behar presented the Prosecutor with an anti-corruption statement, asserting concrete commitments on the part of business, as well as important recommendations on how to deal with one of the major hindrances in the process of Bulgaria's entering the European Union.

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