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PwC’s Academy Mini MBA – the Mini MBA Flowchart

September 07, 2023
PwC’s Academy Mini MBA – the Mini MBA Flowchart

The 19thedition of the Mini MBA Programme starts on 28 September this year. One of the reasons this programme has been so successful during the years is the specially designed Mini MBA Flowchart. Thanks to the Mini MBA flowchart, in May 2019 the Mini MBA programme was rewarded with the Boussias' 19 Silver Award in Greece as one of the best professional programmes

The Mini MBA Flowchart is a logical sequence in the form of a special map that consists of different areas of the business. An exclusive module is dedicated to each business area in order for the students to understand the topic in depth. There are a total of 9 modules, among which are business strategy, finance and accounting, people management & leadership, marketing, innovation, and others. In order to graduate, students need to pass all the modules, and then apply the acquired knowledge working on a real life business case study. The total duration of the programme is about 4 months. 

This key PwC’s programme is suitable for managers at all levels in all lines of business, owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, and those who are considering starting their own business.  

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