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The first TETRA operator was launched

October 10, 2006
The first TETRA operator was launched

Today the first national TETRA operator ProWave introduced its services in Bulgaria. The official launching of the network was announced on an impressive party on Batenberg square in the presence of a lot of politicians, diplomats, representative of the state authorities and the business.


There was a presentation of the new TETRA service. A car of the fire brigade arrived in few minutes on an unreal fire, called by TETRA terminal by randomly-chosen person. During the presentation it was shown that the mobile phones are resistant to water fire and hits.


Bulgaria was one of the few European countries without civil TETRA network - the army and the border police have their own networks. The equipment for the first civil network in Bulgaria was delivered by the Italian company Selex Communications.


The civil network will service mainly business clients, state authorities, private security and transportation companies, as well as energetic and public utility enterprises.


The first civil TETRA network covers so far Sofia city and in the following months it should involve also the highway to Plovdiv and the city itself.

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