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The Mayor of Sofia presented important infrastructural projects to the BBLF members

October 03, 2006
The Mayor of Sofia presented important infrastructural projects to the BBLF members

The Мayor of Sofia Boyko Borissov presented completed and ongoing infrastructural projects to the representatives of over 80 Bulgarian and international companies and non-government organizations, members, and guests of the BBLF. Mr. Borissov answered questions on topics varying from the problem with "Toplofikatzia Sofia" and the condition of some important city roads, to the uncontrolled construction works in the city. The future of Sofia as a center of conventional tourism and migration from the other regions of the country were also among the discussed topics.


The mayor pointed out the experience we can gather from well-functioning European bodies, as well as from the foreign embassies in Bulgaria. In his speech, he stressed on the need of financial decentralization and gaining additional freedom for municipalities in determining their fiscal politics and tax income usage. That would help building a realistic long-term plan for developing the city.


As an example of the successful cooperation between the business and the municipality, Boyko Borissov pointed the social participation of companies, who built and supported child playgrounds, illumination of buildings, green and sports fields in the capital. The mayor vowed for more companies to join similar initiatives. Mr. Maxim Behar, Chairman of the Forum, gave the mayor the BBLF Standard for Business Ethics, which was adopted by more than 2000 companies in the country. He assured the municipality management that the business will be an ethical and good partner of the municipality in implementing future socially-oriented projects.


In compliance with this, the Mayor of Sofia presented to the business the liaison officers from the municipality who can be contacted by companies in case of development of a CSR project:


¨      Mr. Todor Krastev - Manager of "Street lights", contact information: 0887921415

¨      Mr. Kiril Ilievski - responsible for the cultural issues in the Municipality of Sofia, contact information: 0899989709, 02/988 20 08


The main priorities of the Municipality are lightening of the parks, churches, monumental buildings and the Christmas decoration of the city.


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