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BBLF Contributes to the Global Compact Network

July 26, 2006
BBLF Contributes to the Global Compact Network
On July, 26th, at the United Nations Development Programme an extended meeting of the Advisory Board of the Bulgarian Global Compact Network was held for discussing proposals for collective business actions in Bulgaria against corruption. Mr. Stamen Tassev (BBLF Executive Director) and Ms. Svetla Kaisheva (BBLF Deputy Executive Director) participated at the event.
The Advisory Board and the business organizations in Bulgaria cohesively and unanimously decided to support BBLF's proposal for initiating legislative changes that restraint the size of cash payments above 10 000 BGN. An expert group will commence a review of the European and Bulgarian legislation and will prepare concrete proposal for legislative changes until the end of November 2006. The proposal will be submitted in the Parliamentary commission for fight against corruption, by the Bulgarian business representatives.
The second concrete collective measure, supported by all participants of the extended session, is conducting a detailed review of the legal, trade, financial and other aspects of the legislation that generate an environment for corruption practices in the process of goods' movement. Based on this review, a set of new measures for changes in the existing legislation will be made.

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