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Postbank Won a Prize at the Annual Bank Awards Given by Pari Daily

July 06, 2006
Postbank Won a Prize at the Annual Bank Awards Given by Pari Daily

Postbank won a special prize at the annual bank awards given by Pari Daily. The financial institution was awarded in "Customer's Prize" category. The annual awards for development in the banking sector gathered business representatives and political figures at a magnificent ceremony on Wednesday. The prize was bestowed to Mr. Anthony Hassiotis, Chief Executive Officer of Postbank. 


"I am extremely proud of receiving an award in that category. A top priority in Postbank's development policy is to be useful to our customers and offer them solutions that meet their financial needs through life. The prize is an acknowledgement of these efforts - a fact that makes me extremely happy", said Mr. Hassiotis. He also emphasized the long-term engagement of Postbank to offer flexible financial products consistent with customers' individual needs.

The award in "Customer's Prize" category has been the fourth prize given to the financial institution this year. In the beginning of 2006, Postbank won prizes for the best card product for American Express and for the best deposit product for Active Money. It also won the biggest prize for Innovation and Product Quality at the Banks, Investments, Money Exposition.  


Another BBLF member - United Bulgarian Bank, won the Bank of the Year Award. Two of the members of the jury were the Chairman of the BBLF - Mr. Maxim Behar, and the Executive Director of the Forum - Mr. Stamen Tassev.

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