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10 years Stankov ∙ Todorov ∙ Hinkov & Spasov, Attorneys-at-Law

March 24, 2023
10 years Stankov ∙ Todorov ∙ Hinkov & Spasov, Attorneys-at-Law

Exactly 10 years ago today was the first working day of the office. This time was generous to us with numerous cases, disputes and legal battles, but it was as if a decade passed in the blink of the eye. Looking back on that day, we realize how far we have come, but also how much more is yet to come. We never doubted ourselves and that we would succeed. Having our own law firm was our student dream, which we started to build on the foundation of friendship between the four of us. Although 10 years is not such a long time, it is a good test of whether you can, whether you are willing to fight for the interests of your clients, how you deal with difficulties.

We thank everyone who believed in us and trusted us during these 10 years. We thank our families for their unreserved support. We thank the wonderful team of Stankov ∙ Todorov ∙ Hinkov & Spasov, Attorneys-at-Law for their professionalism and dedication. Thanks also to the colleagues who have been part of the firm over the years. We are grateful to those from whom we have learned, for the attitude and generosity they have shown despite the competition between us. We also thank everyone who, with an outstretched hand and a kind word, did not allow us to stray from our path.
Mihail Stankov, Attorney-at-law
Teodor Todorov, Attorney-at-law
Hristo Hinkov, Attorney-at-law
Petar Spasov, Attorney-at-law

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