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Discussion "Business and Community Investment"

January 30, 2002
Discussion "Business and Community Investment"

In the framework of the series of BBLF bi-monthly gatherings devoted to discussing different Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues the Forum held a discussion on "Business and Community Investment". Special guests of the discussion were Ms Susan Hamilton - Regional manager for Central and Eastern Europe of the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) and a team from Nike visiting Bulgaria in relation to the "Community Investment Programme" they are engaged in Kardjali.


BBLF members learnt about Nike's Corporate Social Responsibility strategy based on the concept of integration and the turning of CSR into responsibility of every employee. Nike's CSR motto "Do it the right way" initiates from the principle that profitability should continuously bring added social value and render sports catalyst for social cohesion.


Representatives of Nike's manufacturing partner Fanco (Greece) presented their joint "Community Investment Programme" and their approach to building a real partnership between the municipality of Kardjali and other partners thus encouraging more holistic approach to community investment and revitalization.


BBLF member Umicore Med JSC presented their practical model of business' involvement in community investment and the working mechanism of partnerships with local authorities in Pirdop and Zlatitsa. Umicore Med shared their achievement in turning the municipality people into decision-makers as to the involvement of business in community development.


Representatives of Vidima AD, an American Standard company, and the municipality in Sevlievo talked about the unprecedented example of partnership between business and community people. Their common message was about the needed common effort to "build and invest in people" once the communities and the factories are in place.

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