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300 Students Begin Their Business Season

October 20, 2005
300 Students Begin Their Business Season

Top managers share their expertise with young talents


The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum opened the sixth consecutive edition of its biggest edcation project, the Business Master Classes, in partnership with AIMS Human Capital.


The Auditorium of Sofia University gathered top managers from companies such as Actavis, Deloitte Bulgaria, EADS Secure Networks, Overgas Inc., Sofia Water, Unimasters Logistics Group and many more, who gave the students an overview of the project, during which they will enter universities to teach the secrets of real business.


The first of the six Master Classes, HR Management, was also presented at the event. During the class, the students will have the opportunity of meeting HR experts from AIMS Human Capital, Acatavis, Albena AD, Bulgarian-American Credit Bank, Deloitte Bulgaria, Dr. Ellen Greenberg, Overgas Inc., Sofia Water, FPI, HILL International, and Unimasters Logistics Group. HR Management will begin on October 31st.


"I am happy to see so many students here tonight. This means that there is a lot of potential in Bulgaria as well as a lot of young people willing to learn. I wish you success in becoming real Masters upon completing the Business Master Classes!" Konstantin Ivanov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Unimasters Logistics Group, said.


The project's aim is to bridge the gap between the theory taught at universities and real business practice by giving 300 specially selected students the chance to meet business experts, who will share their knowledge and expertise in six different areas: HR Management, IT Management, Finance and Banking, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Business, and Management.


"My colleagues and I will enter the university halls in order to teach students real business. We are certain that in this way, they will be fully prepared to deal with the reality, which awaits them upon entering out offices in a few years," BBLF Chairman Maxim Behar said.


This year, the project has Unimasters Logistics Group as its general sponsor, as well as the additional financial assistance of AIMS Human Capital, EADS Secure Networks, Intracom, Overgas Inc., and Sofia Water. Manager magazine and NetInfo BG are media partners of the edition. The official opening of the Classes was held with the kind assistance of the Centre for Career Orientation at Sofia University.


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