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BCYF Business Leaders Workshop

December 14, 2001
BCYF Business Leaders Workshop

The Business Leaders Workshop was organized by the Balkan Children and Youth Foundation (BCYF) in cooperation with the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum as its main partner in Bulgaria. The workshop was aimed at gathering representatives of the Bulgarian business community to discuss the main challenges for business leaders in supporting youth development. Key speakers at the workshop were Mr Martti Ahtisaari - former President of Finland, Mr Don Mohanlal - Executive Vice-President of the International Children and Youth Foundation, Mr Dimitry Panitza - BCYF Board member, etc.


BCYF mission is to help improve the conditions, prospects and quality of life for children and young people throughout the Balkan region. Their activities are oriented to enhancing the future tri-sectoral co-operation between business, government and civil society in building a more sustainable environment for young people.

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