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Telenor Launches National Information Campaign About 5G

April 29, 2021
Telenor Launches National Information Campaign About 5G

Telenor Bulgaria has launched a public information and education campaign to help inform users about the new 5G technology. The campaign’s goal is to provide explanations and highlight the benefits and opportunities the fifth generation cellular networks will bring to the economy and society.

Telenor has created a dedicated section on its website, available at, where users can find answers to questions such as what is 5G, how is it rolled out and implemented, what are the advantages and the necessary market conditions for it to deliver on its promises.

A Knowledge Hub will provide up-to-date information and explanation materials in the form of articles, video presentations and expert opinions. In addition, the telecom has announced it will answer all questions users may have about 5G via the dedicated e-mail address and on its social media channels Facebook and Twitter in a timely manner.

"At Telenor, we are aware of the key role that mobile operators play in the development of the technology and innovation. 5G will be a catalyst for a number of economic and social developments, and we want to make consumers part of this process. That is why we believe that our campaign is needed and relevant and will contribute to the deployment of 5G in Bulgaria in a sustainable, understandable and customer-oriented way”, said Bogdan Uzelac, Telenor Bulgaria's Chief Commercial Officer.

The official commercial launch of Telenor's 5G network will be on June 10. By the summer, the company will cover the major cities and main seaside resorts, continuing to expand 5G coverage gradually. The goal of the telecom is to establish itself as a leader in terms of 5G coverage and network experience by the middle of 2022.

This month Telenor obtained for the fourth time in a row the Best in Test network quality certificate by the international independent consulting company umlaut. Telenor's 5G rollout plans are entirely focused on customers and their needs for advanced telecommunications services. Telenor's goal is to launch its 5G network with a fully developed ecosystem of all mandatory elements to provide its customers with a first-class 5G experience.

More information, news and details about 5G can be found in the Knowledge Hub, as well as on the official Facebook page and Twitter profile of Telenor Bulgaria.

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