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The First Bulgarian Beer Becomes 140 Years Old

March 11, 2021
The First Bulgarian Beer Becomes 140 Years Old

Kamenitza celebrates the anniversary, paying tribute to its hometown

Rich experience and history, traditions and uncompromising quality, innovation and entrepreneurship – for 140 years Kamenitza unites people to celebrate their big and small moments together. This year Kamenitza celebrates its anniversary, relying on the well-known formula for success: to turn the love of quality beer into a unique experience.

The history of Kamenitza began in the distant 1876 in the city of the hills - Plovdiv, when the Swiss Rudolf Frick and Friedrich Sulzer began to brew beer at home. The two entrepreneurs who came to the country to work on the railway (Rudolf Frick as a foreman at the Plovdiv station and Friedrich Sulzer as a locomotive driver), together with Adolf Beaumont, who built the first two factories in Plovdiv - the distillery and the rice, set the brewing industry in our country with the first industrial production of beer, whose brand is preserved to this day. Thus, in 1881 they decided to build a brewery on the site of the eighth, at that time already disappeared hill. It was a grassy swamp from which ice-cold water gushed. Most likely, its name comes from there - Kamenitza Tepe, as “kamen” has a Slavic origin and means stone.

Over the years, Kamenitza has established itself not only as one of the most loved and recognizable brands in Plovdiv and Bulgaria, but also as one of the most innovative.

Kamenitza launched the first dark beer on the Bulgarian market in 1892, introduced for the first time an innovative semi-continuous method for fermentation of beer, created the first non-alcoholic beer and the first beer mix with fruit flavor. "We have many occasions that make us proud to be part of this exceptional story, of this great brand and of the amazing family of Kamenitza. This year we have something big, we are celebrating 140 years, and I can't wait to share with you all the surprises we have prepared, starting with the new vision of Kamenitza, which, I hope, many of you have already seen on the market.”, said Vladan Matic, Executive Director of Kamenitza AD.

Kamenitza celebrates its big anniversary in a really special way - by changing its visual identity. "We were looking for something new, modern, different, to meet the needs of the modern consumer, while at the same time it was important to preserve the authenticity of the brand. With the new vision of Kamenitza we remain true to our roots - where everything started and whose heritage lives today through Kamenitza. The unadulterated emotion, mood, traditions of the native Plovdiv were our inspiration in creating the new vision of the brand and it is this warmth and genuineness that brings us even closer to our consumers.”, commented Juliana Borisova, Marketing Director at Kamenitza AD. Thus, Kamenitza gives well-deserved recognition to its hometown, placing key elements, emblematic buildings and places of the city on all its packaging.

However, the big anniversary is not only related to the brand, because what is a birthday, an occasion, without it being shared. That is why Kamenitza sends a message to all beer lovers through its new communication campaign. "Every sip has a story" is an appeal to the fans, to the family, to the friends to celebrate together all those little ones and great moments that they have experienced and are about to experience. Great occasions are those stories that are probably best remembered, because they are often associated with turning points and significant moments in life. "However, all the small, ordinary, everyday moments before and after them are actually our life, the positive way and view through which we live it, what we experience and what remains in us, the stories we tell and remember over a glass of Kamenitza. This is what we want Kamenitza to be for the consumers. And for all this we say "Cheers" this year! ", shares Elena Petrova, Senior Brand Manager Local Brands in Kamenitza AD.

For all fans of authentic taste, the brand has prepared many occasions for toasts. The first is already a fact, namely the national consumer promotion of Kamenitza, which gives 140,000 glasses, a jubilee edition with a special branding dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the brand, as well as 140 Samsung tablets. In addition, the new TV commercial of the brand has been on air since the beginning of March and tells about the small and big moments of friends, in which every Bulgarian can see himself. At the end of the video we see some of the older bottles of the brand with emblematic labels, which again show the connection of the beer with Plovdiv.

In 2021, Kamenitza will be a partner of the long-standing social campaign of Vitosha Radio and the show "Troika at Dawn" - "More Bulgarians for Bulgaria". Through Kamenitza, every consumer can now not only support the change in Bulgaria, but also be part of it. At the same time, the brand initiated a regional campaign in Plovdiv in support and development of youth football in the city and the region. Mihail Iliev, Brand Manager "Kamenitza", shares that in this important year for the brand the team is extremely happy to be part of the great cause "More Bulgarians for Bulgaria", which for so many years is struggling with one of the most pressing demographic problems in the country. "What is more, together with our customers we will be able to make a strong campaign in the hometown of the brand - Plovdiv, which is one of the most football ones in the country."

The first sip is for the big anniversary of the first Bulgarian beer. The rest are for shared stories together! Cheers for the next 140 years Kamenitza!

More about Kamenitza brand:

Kamenitza is the first beer in Bulgaria with authentic taste, long history and traditions, built with quality and perseverance for more than a century. Born and raised in the city of the hills, Plovdiv, Kamenitza is today one of the favorite brands on the Bulgarian beer market. It has a dense and rich taste, 4.4% alcohol content and is the perfect company for all those small or big significant moments in life. With each sip Kamenitza reminds all beer lovers to live and enjoy every moment, which is special not because of a specific occasion, but simply because of the pleasure of a good time spent with their loved ones and the favorite beer.

More about Kamenitza AD company:

Kamenitza AD is one of the leading brewing companies in Bulgaria, part of the international Molson Coors Beverage Company. The company has more than 140 years of experience, history and traditions in brewing. Beer is in the heart of Kamenitza, and the passion of the employees for brewing is what turns the barley into an amber liquid beer. Kamenitza AD is proud of its rich portfolio of some of the most beloved beer brands such as Kamenitza, Burgasko, Astika, Staropramen, Stella Artois, Corona, Beck’s and many others.

The company operates a brewery in the town of Haskovo and a microbrewery for hand-made beers in Plovdiv. One of the company's priorities is to do business in a responsible and sustainable way and to engage employees and partners with initiatives that increase the business's positive impact on the environment and society. First choice for employees, customers and consumers is the ambition that leads the company forward. For more information, visit


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