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HEAL Project Hosts Oncology Guru Prof. Chernozemski

April 21, 2005
HEAL Project Hosts Oncology Guru Prof. Chernozemski

Prof. Ivan Chernozemski, former Minister of Health Care and currently National Advisor to the same ministry, met some 100 high-school students at a lecture within the BBLF HEAL project.

His lecture launched the second phase of the project where instead of famous diplomats and sportsmen, tips for healthy living will be provided by famous medics and nutrition specialists.


Prof. Chernozemski began with a question to the students: ‘How can we be healthy?', and added ‘If we are healthy, then we are happy!' The Professor drew students' attention to the main factors that rob us of good health - bad diet, smoking, and the lack of physical activity. The formula for leading the healthiest way of life has the following ingredients: walking, stairs climbing, exercising in the lunch break, and dancing combined with balanced diet low on salt and fats, and rich in fresh fruit and vegetables.


Although it turned out only 3-4 people in the room were smokers, Prof. Chernozemsky's story about the origin of smoking caused great interest. Apparently, smoking turned into a massive habit back in the times of Christopher Columbus and the Peace Pipe. It was then that French Consul Nicotiana brought tobacco to France and it has been used for smoking ever since. Prof. Chernozemski revealed to the students that every cigarette contains 3,044 substances that grow into 4,000 the moment we inhale the smoke. Cancer causing substances in every cigarette number 69. Prof. Chernozemski warned students that smoking seriously increases the chance of serious diseases, and expressed hopes that a growing number of people in Bulgaria will recognize the fact that every modern society rejects smoking.


Ms. Zoya Paunova, AstraZeneca General Manager for Bulgaria and BBLF's major partner in HEAL, also took part in the discussion and advised students to take their stand for smoke-free homes.


The students showed interest in the necessity of prevention checks, the dangers of passive smoking and the need of vitamins.


HEAL started in September 2004 in 3 Sofia schools with the active support of multiple European and World Champion in rhythmic gymnastics and current coach to the Bulgarian national ensemble, Ms. Iliana Raeva. It is BBLF's and its partners', AstraZeneca and AquaSource, objective to raise young people's awareness of the dangers existing to their health, and to turn good care of their own condition into an exciting and challenging experience.

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