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March 12, 2005

The BBLF launched the first class of its Business Master Classes Spring Edition, and that was one of the longest awaited classes - that in ICT Project Management.


The opening of the class took place in the Technical University in Sofia with the participation of almost all lecturers and before a full hall of students. Krassimir Ganchev of Nokia Bulgaria was given the chance to test his skills as a moderator and managed the programme till the last second.


12 of the biggest companies in the ICT sector in Bulgaria will gladly invest their knowledge, tricks and hints in managing IT projects into 50 selected students. These companies are Nokia, Ericsson, BTK AD, BIANOR, SAP LABS, Sofiyska Voda, Hiron-91, BASSCOM, FTS, Hewlett Packard, ITCE and TechnoLogica.


The presentations in the different sessions of the Class cover subjects spanning from The Successful Team in ICT projects by Nina Krasteva of ITCE, Business communications in IT organizations by the CEO of BIANOR, Nilolay Rashev and Effective Project  Leadership through Knowledge Reuse by Radostin Stoyanov of Hewlett Packard, to deeply specific issues like The contemporary IT technologies for asset management. Geographical IT system and hydraulic modification by Eng. Ivanka Videnova of Sofiyska voda and Project Management  ITIL/SM model in BTK AD by Robert Macintosh of BTK AD.


For the first time this year, a partner of the BBLF in the Business Master Classes is the USAID with its Labour Project, under which the web gate was created for students seeking internship opportunities. Following this partnerships students will have the chance to hear tips on how to make the best of their internships at the beginning of each Class Opening.


For the first time again, in addition to the Business Master Classes, the BBLF has introduced yet another idea for assisting students in their preparation for a successful career - the Real Business Initiative. As part of the project, businessmen will present selected students with real-business cases and will challenge them to provide solutions. After the students have grouped themselves in separate teams and have provided different solutions, the managers will revise the suggestions and will award the best one. As a compulsory element, the manager will have to share with the students the decision that his/her company had actually taken and the results that had followed from it. According to the BBLF, this is yet another step to helping students become quick, efficient and practical thinkers in real-business situations.


For more information on the BBLF Business Master Classes, please click here.


The Business Master Classes are carried out in partnership with AIMS Human Capital and USAID, and with the financial support of Nokia Bulgaria, Coca-Cola, Ericsson, BNP Paribas, Colliers International, AstraZeneca, Corporation Development, TNT Bulgaria, M3 Communications Group, Sofiyska Voda and with the media partnership of Net Info BG.


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