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BBLF Business Master Classes Kick Start Again

March 01, 2005
BBLF Business Master Classes Kick Start Again

The three most exciting topics and the most attractive lecturers are about to feature in the spring edition of BBLF's largest and most popular project, the Business Master Classes.

The three classes about to take place from March till May are IT Project Management, Marketing and Advertising and Management. A total of 150 selected students will have the chance to meet and work with managers from leading companies such as Nokia Bulgaria, British Airways, M3 Communications Group, Ericsson, BTK AD, Ideo Saatchi & Saatchi, and  many more.


"We are truly delighted to see the enthusiasm with which our project has been accepted by both students and companies. Instead of blaming the poor state of Bulgarian education on the Government, we decided to be the ones to make the first step and now many of the students participating in this project already work at our offices and contribute to our success," said BBLF Chairman and M3 Communications Group CEO Maxim Behar.


"Bulgaria is a fastly growing market. Hence expectations towards the young people have been fastly growing too. Students are expected to drive up and ahead more rapidly, and they need a formula to help them keep up with these expectations. Here is how we came up with the idea of the Business Master Classes. Many of the students that took part in any of the project's editions, now already have the jobs they desired. They are more skillful, more knowledgeable, more capable," said Maria Shishkova, BBLF Deputy Chair and Director of AIMS Human Capital, BBLF's partner in masterminding the Classes.


As of 2005, the BBLF already has a new partner in its Classes - the USAID "Labor Market" with its Internet jobs portal, The team of the project will acquaint students of every class with the ways to be used for winning the desired internship. The portal provides valuable information for both students and employers on, respectively available job seekers and job openings.


The spring edition of the Business Master Classes starts with the opening of the IT Project Management Class on March 10th, at Sofia Technical University, block 2, hall 2140.


For more information, please visit, or call BBLF Business Master Classes Project Manager Ms. Mina Gornishka at tel: 02/ 986 5202, e-mail:


The BBLF is utterly grateful to the following companies for their support for the Business Master Classes: Nokia Bulgaria, Coca-Cola, Ericsson, BNP Paribas, Colliers International, AstraZeneca, Corporation ‘Development', TNT Bulgaria, M3 Communications Group and Sofiyska Voda.

The BBLF Business Master Classes take place with the media partnership of Net Info BG.



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