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BBLF, BIBA, BCVB Launch Joint Anti-Corruption Statement

February 28, 2005
BBLF, BIBA, BCVB Launch Joint Anti-Corruption Statement

400 companies backed up the Anti-Corruption Statement produced by the BBLF, the Bulgarian International Business Association (BIBA) and the Bulgarian Convention and Visitors Bureau (BCVB).


The Statement provides a list of 11 recommendations to the Bulgarian Government on emergency steps to be taken to eliminate corruption-breeding conditions in the system of the State Administration. Among these are accelerated implementation of an e-government, passying of a Lobbyism Act, enhanced transparency in public procurement procedures, introduction of anti-corruption educational and training programmes in state and educational institutions, the establishment of an independent body with the Council of Ministers and a consultative council within it on tracking down corruption practices, and more.


On their part, businesses undertake to act as efficient partners of the Government in its efforts against corruption practices, introduce anti-corruption contracts with all of their subcontractors and partners, create an environment of intolerance in companies as regards practices of corruption, set up a whistle-blowing scheme for partners and colleagues reporting such practices, and more.


The Anti-Corruption Statement has been sent to Prime Minsiter Simeon Saxe-Coburg and all ministers in the cabinet.


For the full text of the Statement in English and Bulgarian, click below.


Anti-Corruption Statement - English


Anti-Corruption Statement - Buglarian

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