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BBLF Christmas Party - Glitter, Royalties and Corporate Singing

December 14, 2004
BBLF Christmas Party - Glitter, Royalties and Corporate Singing

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Crowning a year full of success and growth for the BBLF, the Business Leaders of Bulgaria celebrated a Christmas evening rich in unexpected entertainment acts, charismatic royal presence, exquisite Italian atmosphere at the UpStairs of the highest of spirits, and the awaited birthday of an exhilarated and glowing Chairman!


The guests at UpStairs Bar + Diner were welcomed with the beautiful ice-on-honey creations of "100 grama sladki" bakery house, providing each guest with a number for the eagerly anticipated Christmas raffle and a warm wish on behalf of the whole BBLF team for the dedication, support and contribution we have enjoyed from our members throughout the year.


Santa Claus, as natural as he gets, appeared at UpStairs to greet the some 150 guests and offer his vision on how CSR has been growing, the requirements it has increasingly started to pose on employers and the reasons that finally made him give the BBLF members a present breeding no dispute, disagreement or controversy whatsoever - Peace on Earth!


Wherever would we have been without that royal hue that gives an additional touch of distinction to the BBLF! After a brief attempt at rapping out his concerns, Santa Claus invited on stage the patron of BBLF, the heir to the British throne, and a very hard man to impersonate, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. In a mixture of black and royal humour, the Prince offered a cherry-perfumed and aristocratically grand performance of Old Lang Syne that could be surpassed by just one other performance that night - that of the Managing Board of the BBLF in all of their talent, style and almost professionally flexible vocal cords.


The Board members, led by Mr. Maxim Behar himself and protected by the impressive singing skills of Hilton's Friedrich Niemann, left no room for improvisation and gave a moving rendition of Emil Dimitrov's "Moya Strana, Moya Bulgaria" (My Country, My Bulgaria), not missing to touch upon their favourite and obligatory subject that night - the BBLF.


The long awaited Christmas raffle offered a number of pleasant surprises to the members, topped for the second consecutive year by the British Airways who provided the grand prix - two return tickets to London. Four more members were lucky enough to be picked up for: some wine-tasting and dinner or lunch at Brestovitsa Wine Cellar from Todoroff Wines, a weekend for two at the Medite Hotel in Sandanski, a full-year membership card for the sports and recreational centre of the Ambassador Hotel in Sofia, and a pair of unique handicraft glasses from Traditzia Foundation.


The celebration was brought to its peak at midnight when friends, family and colleagues all greeted Chairman Maxim Behar for his Birthday, wishing him the best that he could ever get from life and never ending inspiration for setting standards in everything he does!

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