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Round Table on "Business Ethics - The Key in Solving the Corruption Issues"

October 16, 2001
Round Table on "Business Ethics - The Key in Solving the Corruption Issues"

  For the second time the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum hosted a Round Table on Business Ethics in the framework of the Southeast European Economic Forum. The table was moderated by Mr Maxim Behar, Chairman of BBLF, who expressed the Forum's ambition to promote good business practices: "We are here to set the model of ethical business conduct, to tell the success stories of Bulgarian business, the stories of people who did not give up their principles."

Gilbert McCaul, Partner, KPMG Bulgaria, Radko Stamenov, Country Chairman (see the Power Point presentation), Shell Bulgaria and Nikolai Bozhilov, President and CEO, Unimasters Logistics (see text of presentation) presented their companies' ethical standards that are compiled and organized in the Code of Business Ethics (published by BBLF). Tatyana Draculova, Executive Director, and Borislav Trifonov, Sales and marketing Director, both from Sanita Trading spoke about the legal problems relevant to the pharmaceutical sector.


All speakers underlined the importance of cooperating with the State in order to fight corruption and to establish good business practices. It was pointed out that the immediate responsibility of the business community is to state clear "rules of the game". All participants at the Round Table expressed their opinion that Bulgarian business society is becoming more ethics oriented.

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