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M3 Produced Logo to Brand Decade of Roman Inclusion Initiative

December 01, 2004
M3 Produced Logo to Brand Decade of Roman Inclusion Initiative

The logo produced by the Bulgarian company M3 Communications Group won the logo contest for the Decade of Roma Inclusion initiative that will be launched in 2005 by eight countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The logo was selected in a competition of 24 entries.


"Our concept is to express the unity of all groups in a democratic society - including the Roma.  The concentric circles in the logo symbolize the open new Europe and a shared willingness to support Roma integration.  By using the colors of the Romani flag the logo acknowledges the Romas' unique culture and identity.    We are proud that through our creative work we can contribute to a unified Europe," said Dessislava Penkova, Managing Director of M3 Communications Group Inc.


The main objective of the Decade of Roma Inclusion is to improve the social and economic status of the Roma population, enhancing the opportunities it is being offered in the spheres of education, employment, health and housing.


The initiative has brought together Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, and Slovakia. It is supported by the World Bank, the Open Society Institute, the European Commission and UNDP. Each of the participating countries has been on the threshold of finalizing their action plans for the initiative and will be announced at the Decade of Roma Inclusion launching ceremony in February 2005 in Sofia.

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