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TNT - Transporter of the Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition

November 26, 2004
TNT - Transporter of the Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition

The mission will popularize the Bulgarian presence at the South Pole.


The equipment of the Bulgarian science expedition ‘Tangra Antarctica 2004/2005', part of the 13th National Antarctic Campaign, is transported by the express delivery services provider TNT. The expedition luggage shipment that consists of 120 kg Alpine equipment and personal belongings is organized by the company's ‘Special Services' department. The department staff plan to deliver the special consignment at the Land of Fire (Tierra del Fuego) island on November 19th.


This year, there was an unexpected delay of the Spanish Antarctic ship ‘Las Palmas' which transports significant amount of the expedition luggage to Antarctica. New equipment was soon provided and it was transported just in time to the Livingston island with the support of TNT Bulgaria.


Two members of the expedition - the explorers Ljubomir Ivanov and Doychin Vasilev - have the mission to collect information on the Tangra mountains on the Antarctic island Livingston for the time to January 2005. That's why they will go through all the mountain peaks across the 30-kilometer mountain range using Alpine sledges designed and constructed by Doychin Vasilev. The newly collected geographical information (coordinates, altitude, glacier thickness, etc.) will be used for developing better maps of the island.


‘We decided to support the ‘Tangra Antarctica 2004/2005' mission because its main purpose is to popularize the Bulgarian presence at the South Pole and therefore to raise the national spirit and self-confidence - philosophy that all the people at TNT support. That's the way that will help our integration within the European family and the whole world,' said Ivan Vasilev, Country General Manager of TNT Bulgaria.


After the end of the expedition in January 2005, the equipment will be transported back to Bulgaria once again by TNT.

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