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400 Students Attend First HEAL Lecture

October 21, 2004
400 Students Attend First HEAL Lecture

More than 400 school students attended the first lecture of the BBLF HEAL Project, led by Iliana Raeva, coach of the Bulgarian Olympic Eurhythmics ensemble, Elizabet Paisieva - national eurhythmics champion, and Dr. Mariela Sirakova - eurhythmics national team doctor. 


The lecture initiated the HEAL Project in Bulgaria (Healthy Eating! Active Living!) carried out jointly by BBLF, AstraZeneca, AquaSource and Ms. Iliana Raeva.


The auditorium of the University of Architecture could hardly contain the several hundred students storming in from three Sofia Schools. The lecture was dedicated to healthy living and respect to one's personal health and well-being.


"It's been our goal to present this exceptionally crucial topic, painful as it is in Bulgaria, especially when our own children are concerned, in a way that is more acceptable and attractive to them. We want to make young people take on the care for themselves and their own health as a vital, but also a very pleasant obligation to themselves," said Iliana Raeva in her lecture. "It is not possible to be ambitious, energetic, positive and ready to face new challenges, if you are sick, latent and depressed."


National champion Elizabeth Paisieva also shared with the students her secrets of staying lean and strong without going through a terribly hard time.


Within the HEAL Partnership Project, throughout the whole academic year, students will have the chance to meet famous athletes, medics, nutrition doctors, and celebrities, who will be sharing with them their secrets of being healthy, good-looking and positive.



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