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BILLA Joins Garment Recycling Initiative

June 08, 2017
BILLA Joins Garment Recycling Initiative

Specially branded containers for collecting second hand textile items are positioned in front of 6 stores of the retail chain

BILLA Bulgaria takes part in a project of the Bulgarian Red Cross and Humanita company for collecting second hand clothes that will be recycled or donated to people in need. Specially branded containers are placed in front of 6 stores of the retail chain in Sofia where everyone can leave their used textile goods. The stores are at the following addresses:

  • Sofia, 55 Bulgaria Blvd.
  • Sofia, 4 Sofiyski geroy St.
  • Sofia, 72 Tsaritsa Yoanna Blvd.
  • Sofia, Mladost District, Alexander Malinov Blvd.
  • Sofia, 171 Lomsko Shose Blvd.
  • Sofia, 35 Opalchenska St.

The initiative would allow for the valuable raw materials in the textile items to be used once again in the manufacturing of new products so valuable natural resources are saved on a global scale. In addition, the fertile lands with fiber plants can be used for planting food crops. Another important goal of the project, in which BILLA takes part, is to set up a professional crisis reserve with the Bulgarian Red Cross. The collected clothes that are still wearable will be donated to people in need and disaster victims.

„BILLA Bulgaria takes part in the project of the Bulgarian Red Cross and Humanita because it corresponds to our values: care for the environment and support for people in need. As a socially engaged company, it is important for us to work on sustainable initiatives that benefit all. Taking part in this campaign, I hope we will focus the attention of our customers on saving natural resources and encourage them to adopt a more responsible attitude to environment“, said Boyko Satchanski, CEO of BILLA Bulgaria.

The project of Bulgarian Red Cross and Humanita started in 2016. Up to 1,000 specially branded containers will be positioned in Bulgaria by 2020. Everyone can support the cause by donating second hand textile items such as clothes, bags, curtains and bed linen provided that they are clean and usable.

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