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Postbank Awarded With the Greenest Bank in Bulgaria Recognition

June 07, 2017
Postbank Awarded With the Greenest Bank in Bulgaria Recognition

Once again the financial institution was awarded for sustainable green practices and responsible environmental behaviour in b2b Media's national contest

Postbank won the first place in the Greenest Bank in Bulgaria category of b2b Media's seventh national contest The Greenest Companies in Bulgaria. Once again the financial institution was awarded for its major investments in the development of sustainable practices both in terms of business processes leading to reduction of resource consumption and environmental risk management in corporate lending, and in terms of encouraging social responsibility and care for nature in employees and the public at large.

"The primary focus in our corporate social responsibility policy is on sustainable business development, as we continue to be a leader among the banking institutions in the development of environmental protection programmes. We are still the only bank, which has a volunteer unit – our Green Heroes, who support all efforts of the institution to become more responsible in resource consumption," Postbank officials commented.

The financial institution established its own Green Board and Environmental Office unit to reduce its environmental impact both in terms of limiting the resource consumption by the bank, and in terms of its financing activities. Its efforts are focused on many areas – saving energy, optimising water consumption, reducing paper usage, recycling of paper and toners, recycling of IT equipment, etc. Furthermore, the Green Board members organise various outdoor activities that engage their colleagues as well. The financial institution invests in its internal programme, titled Green Together, which is being developed entirely with own funding and implemented by volunteers at the bank.

Some of Postbank's biggest environmental investments are implemented in optimising its office buildings’ energy efficiency and developing socially significant projects, including cleaning polluted public areas, forestation activities, and other initiatives such as Charger With a Heart, with which Postbank joined the global PARK(ing) Day initiative for a fourth consecutive year. Within the event people were invited to ride a bicycle and take care of their health and the nature by creating green energy to charge their mobile devices.

The b2b Media awards are aimed at evaluating and recognising the greenest companies operating in Bulgaria, both small and large ones, which change their environmental indicators every year and develop their business in an environmentally-friendly way.


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