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Boyan Petrov on His Way to 14x8,000ers

March 10, 2016
Boyan Petrov on His Way to 14x8,000ers

Mountaineer Boyan Petrov announced his plans for new summits within his Bulgarian En Route to 14x8,000ers project at Boulderland climbing centre on 9 March, a couple of days before leaving for the Himalayas. Boyan who has already ascended 5 peaks above 8,000 m made his first climbing steps towards his next peak on the walls of Boulderland.

Boyan said Mt Annapurna would be the biggest challenge so he intends to start his summit there: "It’s the most deadly route I intend to climb this year: there is no place to hide from a falling avalanche."

Boyan starts his journey on 12 March 12 with over 50 kg of luggage and lots of enthusiasm. The funds for the expedition, some BGN 55,000, are provided by Walltopia, Eli Lilly, individual donorts and a concert Boyan organised at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Boyan Petrov is a high altitude mountaineer who climbed 5 peaks above 8,000 m height and 13 peaks above 5,000 m. He took part in numerous journeys to summits and high volcanoes on five continents. As a biospeleologist he explored over 450 caves and pits in Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Croatia, Turkey and China. He is the author of a number of scientific publications and popular science articles and chairs Vertical World sports club. He is a biologist at the National Museum of Natural History with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)

In 2014 and 2015 he was elected twice in the Athlete of the Month rankings, received a Sports Icarus for Most Impressive Performance in 2014 as well as the annual award of the Bulgarian Federation of Climbing and Mountaineering. He ranked 8th in the Sportsman of the Year 2014 and 9th in 2015, and reached second place in Man of the Year 2014 competition. He also received numerous medals and plaques. A Goodwill Ambassador of the Medical University in Sofia and winner of the 2014 Leadership Prize of  the Harvard Club of Bulgaria.

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