Project - „Green Classroom“ – a joint project of Postbank and Mastercard Bulgaria



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

The „Green Classroom“ is a long-term initiative to introduce alternative learning approaches through experiential learning in nature. With its creation, we aim to build on the possibilities of conducting children’s educational initiatives in an accessible and favorite place, close to Sofia, in the wonderful nature of Vitosha Nature Park. The designed corner enables teachers to bring together many different topics and present them to students in an interesting, easy and attractive way. The project also aims to increase employee commitment to both companies’ CSR policies and to broaden their knowledge of environmental and social issues, bringing the teams together after the challenging year due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Project Target Group

Audiences: employees of Postbank and Mastercard, general public, media, governmental and non-governmental organizations related to nature conservation and education. The innovative amphitheater learning and entertainment area can be used by employees of both companies as well as by all visitors of the mountain. Guided tours, educational classes or games can also be given at the venue, as the space is designed in line with the modern concept of learning through play.

Project Duration

The project is part of our internal programme „Green Together with Postbank“ and builds on the series of sustainable initiatives we are developing. The innovative amphitheater learning and entertainment area is the result of the first phase of our joint project. The second phase in 2022 will involve the construction of a connecting walkway between the „Green Classroom“ and the Arboretum area, so that tourists can move safely in the woods between the two sites without using the main thoroughfare.

Project Activities

During the first phase of the project the volunteers varnished and finished the built amphitheatre stage with its adjacent tables and benches, placed information boards about the location and an educational board with curious information about the plant and animal species, installed and varnished board games, varnished all the "Vitoshki-type" tables and benches located in the area, placed a new interactive board showing where the animals that inhabit Vitosha live and what they eat. The green adventure was attended by many children who took part in a special talk at the „Bear Museum“, various games, and a workshop with non-traditional musical instruments from around the world. Volunteers from both companies expanded their green knowledge by participating in the Minute for Ecology by ASORI (Association for Social Responsibility and Development through Innovation). We actively communicated the project with press releases, PR materials, on the website, in the corporate newspaper „Banking Stories“ of Postbank and in the social channels of both companies. We also used the elements of the classroom itself, with visitors able to scan the QR codes placed on the signs and learn more

Project Results

Over 100 employees are involved in the project. The initiative has been widely covered by the media with over 40 publications in leading media outlets, a special report on bTV and Darik radio. News about the project was included in the newsletters of partner organizations - Amcham, BBBA, HBCBG, BDF, BBLF. There are publications on the websites and social networks of all partners. Over 212,093 users reached with the post on Postbank's Facebook page, achieving 20.25% content recall of the audience reached, 267 611 impressions and 274 clicks. Nearly 50 000 users reached with Radina Kardjilova's Instagram post from the venue, over 3 000 likes on the post.