Project - Dundee Precious Metals and Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment in Obstetrics and Gynecology - "Mother's Home" - together for the most valuable!



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

Providing conditions for protection of life and health of mothers and their babies in a pandemic by purchasing modern equipment for the treatment of patients in SBALAG "Mother's Home". Supporting the provision of a healthy and safe working environment for the staff and patients in the hospital, which concentrates patients with complications from all other obstetric hospitals in the country. In partnership between the companies of Dundee Precious Metals in Bulgaria and Mother's Home, assistance was provided for the purchase of specialized medical equipment, which was equipped with the newly opened at the end of 2020 COVID-19 department.

Project Target Group

Pregnant women infected with COVID-19 and in need of hospital treatment, surgery and intensive care for them and their newborns; women in need of hypertension diagnosis and treatment of gynecological, urogynecological, oncogynecological and reproductive diseases. The patients of the medical institution are from all over the country, very often complex and urgent cases.

Project Duration

The beginning of the partnership was set in 2018, when DPM Chelopech participated in a charity campaign of the Municipality of Chelopech to raise funds for the purchase of an incubator with its own stand. From 2020, the two companies in Chelopech and Krumovgrad jointly provide significant assistance for the establishment and equipment of the COVID-19 department. At the end of 2021, they upgraded the conditions by purchasing the necessary specialized equipment for the same department.

Project Activities

o2020 - DPM responds to the urgent need of "Mother's Home" for personal protective equipment and medical equipment needed to establish a COVID ward in the hospital. Through a donation of a total of BGN 60,000 was purchased: ultrasound machine; 2 pcs. resuscitation infusion pump; 2 pcs. Snowdrop type operating lamp; 34 pcs. three-layer suits of high class; o2021 - DPM supports "Mother's Home" for the equipment of the COVID ward by purchasing and donating 3 pcs. hospital bed; 1 blood gas analyzer; 3 pcs. multiparameter patient monitor; 1 piece. operating table; 4 pcs. fetal / obstetric monitors; 6 pcs. preoperative tables with a total value of BGN 120,000 o2021 - a visit of the DPM management to "Mother's Home" and acquaintance with what was done up close and the needs of the department o Upcoming activities in 2022: - organize preventive AG examinations for employees of both companies of DPM; - a communication campaign "Good KOVID news" is planned; A communication campaign has not been realized, as the aim of the project was entirely aimed at saving lives during a pandemic, and not at advertising and media promotion of grants provided by the DPM in Bulgaria.

Project Results

Thanks to the funds provided for the purchase of specialized equipment, as well as the active efforts of the medical team on the first line, by December 2021, 410 patients with COVID-19 passed through the ward, of which 380 were pregnant. During this period, 106 healthy babies were born in the ward. The provided apparatus and equipment significantly improve the conditions and quality of work of the medical staff, as well as the stay of the patients in the ward, separated in previously unused for years premises in the hospital.