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Project description

Project Aim

Тhemes of environmental, public and social issues are complicated. It is difficult to explain them in one sentence or in one picture. An in-depth conversation is needed and it is important to start it as early as possible. At Kaufland, we believe that adolescents can be the best ambassadors for causes that benefit nature and people in our country. That is why we are focusing increasingly on projects that get children and young people talking about these issues and actively engage them as our CSR says ‘Our Actions Do the Talking’. This is why in 2021 we supported WWF's youth innovation program Panda Labs, the Sofia Science Festival, the #ActGreenWithMuzeiko exhibition and the Teenovator program for entrepreneurial culture.

Project Target Group

In 2021, Kaufland started a new chapter in its relationship with children and adolescents in Bulgaria by focusing on supporting key projects of science, education and entrepreneurship among these target groups.

Project Duration

In 2021, we supported the first edition of WWF's youth innovation program - Panda Labs. In May, we were the main partner of Sofia Science Festival - the biggest event for popular science in Bulgaria. In June, Muzeiko entered Kaufland with an exhibit on conscious use of natural resources that stayed with us until the end of November. We supported the editions of ‘Teenovator’ - the program for entrepreneurial culture among young people, to which Kaufland is also a main partner.

Project Activities

- Panda Labs: the 1st edition had 3 semesters – ‘The Future of Waste’, ‘The Future of Food’ and ‘The Future of Mobility’. Each of them included: recruiting candidates; a hackathon where they work in teams and a jury awards ideas with potential; a master class for working on the these ideas. Winners receive BGN 10,000 for a prototype and implementation of their business plan. - In 2021, children and parents saw Muzeiko's first exhibition outside of its territory. The #ActGreenWithMuzeiko exhibition consists of modules: ‘Recycling Sorter’, ‘Lighting’, ‘Water at Home’, ‘Old Objects with a New Purpose’, ‘Where Do Toys Go?’. They rotated between our stores in Sofia and are now at Muzeiko. The project also includes a digital platform -; - Sofia Science Festival: in the REstart Zone we presented an interactive installation ‘REset Plastic’ to engage people with the cause of plastic reduction. We took up the theme in the festival programme as well. - We supported ‘Teennovator’ in which students in 10th and 11th grade work with mentors on topics such as ‘Sustainable Business Model’, ‘Green Business’, ‘Social Innovation’ and compete infront of investors.

Project Results

- 240 young people aged 15-25 participated in the Panda Labs hackathons, with 40 finalists in the master classes. We’ve estimated over 65% positive change in their knowledge comparing baseline and endline surveys; - - We proved that it is possible for a museum to ‘go’ to its visitors. The #ActGreenWithMuzeiko modules were rotated between 3 Kaufland hypermarkets in Sofia. We saw that more people are interested in green topics and are looking for ways to use resources consciously. We turned into a platform for green challenges; - - Over 9000 visitors saw our installation at the Sofia Science Festival and over 2000 students followed the festival program; - - 60 mentors and 420 students from startup clubs from all over the country participated in this edition of ‘Teenovato