Project - Bosch Engineering Center Sofia: With care for the development of the employees and investment in future talents



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

Bosch ECS started its activities in the spring of 2019 with 100 specialists,and now 500 professionals are developing significant international projects related to the vehicles of the future and the safe driving,with care for the environment and society. Мain goal of ECS is to position itself as a preferred employer that enables its teams to develop innovations for the automotive industry,offers an attractive financial and social package,creates a family environment, unique corporate culture and the feeling that every employee is valuable and feels much more than a colleague. The investments in the education,development of young IT talents are among goals of ЕCS. Dual training,internship programs,work with universities are part of the good long-term practices of the Center

Project Target Group

*The current employees of Bosch Engineering Center Sofia. *Specialists with engineering and IT specialties, with appropriate profile and qualification from Bulgaria and abroad. *Young talents from specialized high schools and universities.

Project Duration

This is a long-term project. It is embedded in the philosophy of the establishment of Bosch Engineering Center Sofia and its implementation begins with the opening of the Center in the spring of 2019 and will continue in the future. The company demonstrates responsibility and good practices as an employer, offering long-term employment and education, as well as support in the professional development of the employees and investment in future staff.

Project Activities

Over one hundred training sessions on various topics for the employees - from communication skills to automotive software architecture. Two leadership academies for all management positions using gamification and different types of mobile applications in line with the latest trends. Development program for executive managers, created completely on the basis of the specific needs of the teams. Launch of the first academy for training of software engineers of the Center - the Bosch ECS Career Camp, under the mentorship of proven professionals in the field of software development and testing. Opening of a second new office for the team in one of the most modern office buildings in Sofia, near the first office space. Opening of a sports ground for the employees with equipment and flooring for Street Fitness on the territory of Sofia Tech Park; organizing a series of company events, campaigns and team buildings to exchange experiences. Creating an attractive financial and social package for the employees, which encourages the IT specialists from the country and abroad to return to Bulgaria to work at the Center.

Project Results

From 2019 Bosch ECS has grown 4 times in size and constantly provides excellent opportunities for career and professional development of nearly 500 software and hardware engineers. In 2021 new office ECS added 17 meeting rooms, 12 focus halls, 8 specialized bench rooms to the office space, and in line with the policy of providing inspiring work environment, it offers to the employees 4 gaming rooms and relaxation areas. More than 300 employees participated in the training sessions, leadership academies and the Executive Managers Program. First Bosch ECS Career Academy trains and prepares nearly 30 future software engineers. The internship program and the dual training program provide additional career opportunities for talented young people from specialized high schools and universitie