Project - Каменица за Пловдив



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

Plovdiv, as the hometown of Kamenitza, plays a major role in its development. Over the years we have contributed to the development of the cultural and social life of the city. In 2021, when we celebrated 140 years since the founding of Kamenitza, we dedicated two special projects to Plovdiv. The first is to support the development and future of the 4 major football clubs in the city by donating part of Kamenitza's sales in the city and the region. Plovdiv is a strong football city and many of the great football talents and stars of Bulgaria started from there. The second project is to improve the appearance of the city and build a more favorable urban environment through the production and donation to the Municipality of Plovdiv of a special large sign for one of the renovated city parks.

Project Target Group

The target group of the Kamenitza football project in Plovdiv are the members of the football clubs we supported and all the football fans in the city who helped the successful implementation of the campaign. The target group of the second project is all residents, guests and tourists of the city, who will have the opportunity to enjoy the renovated park with a beautiful sign depicting iconic buildings and key places of the city on the hills.

Project Duration

The duration of the football campaign was 2 and a half months. Football has always been part of Kamenitza DNA. The biggest expression of the connection with football has Kamenitza Fan Cup with contribution in favor of building better conditions for playing non-professional football in the country. We continue the cause in 2022 with the return of Kamenitza Fan Cup. Both projects are part of the long-term CSR strategy of the company with focus on improving communities.

Project Activities

The project for a contribution to the development of football was supported by communication in online and social media, websites and social channels of football clubs, materials on the training grounds of clubs, promotional materials at points of sale in Plovdiv - posters, shelf hangers, etc. explaining the mechanism of activation - for each purchased Kamenitza glass bottle of 500 ml. Kamenitza allocates BGN 0.20 each, and the funds raised were donated to the 4 football clubs. Boxes with the branding of the 4 clubs were positioned in each activated point of sale, and the amount of donated funds depended on the number of bottle caps collected for each team. The project with the production and provision of an emblematic sign of one of the renovated city parks in Plovdiv was implemented by employees of Kamenitza. The sign shows the name of the park - Kamenitza Park, located opposite the microbrewery of Kamenitza, and depicts iconic buildings and places of Plovdiv, symbols of the city, which are on the labels of each Kamenitza package. Kamenitza took full care of the design of the sign and its physical production. The park along with the sign were officially opened with a media event

Project Results

During the campaign in support of the future of football, more than BGN 10,000 were raised and donated to the 4 big football clubs. Through this campaign, we not only helped the development of clubs, but also managed to unite football fans in a common cause: together for the development of football, sports and active lifestyle. Providing a large and beautiful sign for the renovated city park in Plovdiv helped build a more favorable urban environment for all residents, guests and tourists. Also, the sign depicting emblematic buildings-symbols of Plovdiv, contribute to the development of the cultural, historical and social image of the city. The official event for the opening of the park and the sign attracted the attention of the media in the city and received a great free media coverage.