Project - Holistic educational and culture program: ESG Learning Journey



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Project description

Project Aim

The world is setting ambitious strategic goals for 2050. These goals are changing industries and business models and urgently require new knowledge and skills related to ESG - environmental, social and governance factors. To meet these needs in 2021 UniCredit Bulbank developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics of Sofia University ESG Learning Journey: The first holistic program in Bulgaria for ESG training and employee development. Among the goals of the program are: - Strategic awareness of ESG  - To prepare and certify ESG experts to support our clients in the transition to a sustainable business model; - Awareness and culture of ESG topics inside and outside the organization; - Engaging colleagues to participate in ideas and projects outside the regulatory requirem

Project Target Group

For UniCredit Bulbank the ESG is not the responsibility of one department or team, but part of the work of each of the bank. Therefore, ESG Learning Journey includes a series of activities, activities and partnerships tailored to the needs of the target groups: - Creation of ESG experts in the bank who will work with clients and partners - Changing the ESG culture in the organization - External audiences - creation of an ecosystem by external ESG experts and partners.

Project Duration

The holistic program began in 2021, but will continue to be enriched annually with new initiatives and platforms. The topic of sustainable development is becoming more and more relevant and the commitments of businesses and banks will increase.

Project Activities

For managers:  - Strategic workshop for ESG for the Board - series of trainings for B-1 managers and workshops on the bank's ESG strategy - The big picture - a workshop to present the strategy to a wider audience of experts For experts: - UniCredit Bulbank partners with the Faculty of Economics in an intensive two-month ESG certification academy. - The Bank is an official partner of the latest ESG Master's program of the Faculty of Economics in "Responsible and Sustainable Governance". The Bank covers the fee of the master's program for all participants, employees of the company. Building ESG culture: e-learning, seminars and ESGpresso. It included:  - Group ESG basic e-course - for all employees - available in Bulgarian and English  - Live Motivi Initiative - webinars on ESG topics: for example "Life with zero waste" or "The power of people with disabilities" and others.  Month of ESG and others.  ESGpresso - educational ESG platform, which includes:  ESGpresso | Video Dictionary - Colleagues explain in understandable language to colleagues the basic concepts of ESG  ESGpresso | Podcast for sustainable development  ESGpresso | News - a bi-weekly ne

Project Results

 Strategic workshop with board members and managers: 20 colleagues  ESG Learning Journey - two-level educational workshop: 66 colleagues  ESG Academy - certification program for experts with Sofia University: 38 colleagues graduated in the first program; a new program will begin in February 2022  ESG Master's degree in partnership with Sofia University: beginning Oct. 2021: 44 colleagues with a paid master's degree from the bank  Live Motivi - webinars for employees with topics related to sustainable development: over 100 colleagues per webinar  Month of ESG in UniCredit in Bulgaria: Oct. 2021: 4000 colleagues  ESGpresso | video dictionary; ESGpresso | Podcast; ESGpresso | Newsletter - 4,000 colleagues  Basic e-course in Bulgarian on ESG: over 2500 colleagues