Project - Brewing a better world



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

As part of the international family of Heineken and a leading Bulgarian brewer, ZAGORKA develops its business sustainably and responsibly with care for the environment and society. Through its long-term platform for sustainable development "Creating a better world", ZAGORKA focuses on 3 main areas - Environment, Social Sustainability, and Responsible Consumption. In line with Heineken's global strategy - EverGreen 2030, ZAGORKA's goals are to reduce carbon emissions, protect water resources and circularity.

Project Target Group

ZAGORKA reaches and involves the people within – its employees as well as all of its contractors, partners, shareholders, and even consumers.

Project Duration

Environmental projects are a year-round commitment of ZAGORKA, focused both on activities related to production and in support of socially important topics.

Project Activities

One of the most inspiring steps for ZAGORKA was the construction of a solar park in the brewery in Stara Zagora. To reduce the carbon footprint and use solar energy directly in the production process, the company installed its first photovoltaic panels in June and is now operational. The solar park is the first of its kind among brewers in Bulgaria and includes 2,028 photovoltaic panels with 730 kV installed capacity and a capacity of 840 MWh per year. So far, 17 tons of carbon dioxide have been saved, equal to 25 trees and 14 tons of coal. In the fight against the restriction of plastics, for 2021 in the Packaging department the used foil is reduced by 6300 kg. The thickness of the foil has been reduced by almost 4600 kg. The total reduced amount of plastic is 16,400 kg. Tests have already been conducted for plastic packaging and regular production is planned with 50% recycled material for 1 liter and 1.2 liters and 30% for Ariana and Zagorka 2 liters. Reuse of water through a treatment plant, which passes to the 1st category. Joint campaign with Ecopack Bulgaria to promote recycling, which reaches 1 million people

Project Results

Regarding the reduction of carbon emissions, ZAGORKA reports a decrease of 23%. In the last 2 consecutive years, the company is proud of 100% zero footprint as a result of processing and recycling of waste generated in production. For 2021, renewable energy will increase by 4%. The company continues to strengthen its efforts to treat wastewater from production. The brewery moved from the second to the first level of the purification processes in order to protect water resources.