Project - Towards a Greener Future



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

• The project aims at supporting electric mobility through putting in place a transport model that uses electric vehicles and infrastructure of car charging stations made in Bulgaria. Thus the nuclear power plant that operates the largest zero carbon emission generating capacities in the country confirms its lasting commitment for seeking sustainable environmental solutions.

Project Target Group

- The Company employees who will be provided environmentally clean transport, thus promoting its advantages. - The general public to whom the consistent efforts of Kozloduy NPP to preserve the environment will be publicised.

Project Duration

This is a long-term project: it started in 2019 with the purchase of three electric vehicles and installation of charging stations.

Project Activities

Being a company of a lasting commitment to nature conservation and searching for ecological alternatives, in 2019, Kozloduy NPP included electric vehicles in its transportation fleet. The project started with the provision of three electric vehicles and installation of a charging station on-site of the power plant. To date, there are six electric vehicles, and an infrastructure of 4 car charging stations - three on the plant site and one in the town of Kozloduy. In 2022, the purchase of another 11 electric vehicles has been envisaged, as well as 8 battery-driven trucks, and the construction of two more charging stations.

Project Results

- Currently, Kozloduy NPP transportation fleet includes electric vehicles as well. Thus, ecological alternatives gradually replace the environment polluting vehicles. - The advantages of electric mobility are advertised among the employees of the company. - By using electric vehicles, the Company yet again makes a real contribution to the efforts for tackling the global climate change that modern society is struggling with.