Project - MyHR



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

As an open-minded corporation, Heineken decided to create a platform that will solve a lot of the problems like multi-step process of administration, separation of department’s paperwork, physically meeting to sign a document, etc., and leave time and effort for other everyday tasks that are more important. MyHR is a digital platform that empowers and connects all Heineken employees.

Project Target Group

The platform is focused on employees in the corporation, but for the launch in Bulgaria the taget audience are all employees in ZAGORKA.

Project Duration

From preparation to the launch of the platform - 3 months. Long-term use of digital MyHR will benefit all employees by reducing the time to administer activities, paper, and will facilitate access from any device and location. MyHR gives the freedom to manage the activities of the Human Resources Department from one application: updating personal data, career tracking, monitoring results, seeking training.

Project Activities

The challenge was to launch MyHR not as a corporate platform but as a digital solution that will help the ZAGORKA team to focus on what is important, not on paperwork. In 2021 we all have learned that there is nothing impossible when it comes to going digital. And now when more than 90% of the meetings are virtual, it seems so natural to go digital for other work processes too. In order to create excitement, we used consistent communication but preserved the element of surprise. We revealed something that will truly help the work of our employees literally with every step. We ensured that the localization of the platform is in a familiar language. To ensure a positive experience we relied on a navigation system as well as implementing a bot that will help our colleagues with the transition. We wanted to relate the platform with success subconsciously, so we positioned our messages on the stairs in order to increase the feeling of empowerment. The communication campaign involved ambassadors of the platform, who had the role of promoting the use of MyHR, as well as the director's team, which by personal example promotes the various functions.

Project Results

The success after the opening of the platform was undeniable. 100% of ZAGORKA's employees registered on the platform in the first week after its launch. 100% of them checked their profile with personal information. 100% successfully passed internal courses in our online library. The good results of the launch of the platform put it at the forefront in the countries of the HEINEKEN Group in Europe. A new way of working that turns ZAGORKA into a modern company with digitalized and simplified people management processes, where every employee has the opportunity to take his future in HEINEKEN into his own hands. The people of ZAGORKA, part of the Heineken family, are part of a positive change towards optimizing processes, reducing paper and promoting digital culture.