Project - "Let's keep the air clean for them."



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

The project is part of our long-term cause of raising awareness of the problem of the dirty atmospheric air, which is damaging to human health and the environment. According to the WHO, more than 8500 people die prematurely in Bulgaria every year from illnesses caused by the dirty air. Domestic heating with solid fuels in winter is one of the most active air pollutants. The central heating of EVN in Plovdiv is an eco-friendly and incomparably more efficient alternative to the heating with solid fuels. We therefore actively inform citizens, investors and authorities about the environmental benefits of choosing district heating. In 2021, we drew attention to one of the most vulnerable groups affected by this "invisible" problem – children.

Project Target Group

The target group are Plovdiv citizens who, with their choice of heating, influence air quality. A narrower target group are parents who want their children to grow up in a healthy environment. Benefits are both for the people and for the whole community in our city. Our cause also includes investors who choose how to heat new buildings and local authorities that implement environmental programs. We meet directly, actively communicate with letters and brochures, hold information campaigns.

Project Duration

The project is a natural part of our long-term and sustainable development and positioning policy as a socially responsible business. EVN group in Bulgaria is also a co-founder and member of the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact. Thus we support and implement universally accepted values in the field of environment. Our clean air cause started in 2011 with the launch of the new cogen, continues annually with series of highlights during the heating seasons when the topic is more relevant.

Project Activities

For our campaign in 2021 we have painted a wall with radiators in the common parts of the kindergarten, visible to all children and parents. The purpose was not only to donate cosiness and joy to the children, but also to make a call: "Let's keep the air clean for them." In parallel we had: • Out-of-home communication • Facebook and Instagram posts • Video in YouTube • Posters in EVN offices • Information at • Articles in local online media The topic of clean air is present in all our information materials, regardless of the goals: technical description, customer campaign or advertising. Annually, we prepare stories to promote the debate on green heating, raise awareness of the dirty air damages and the daily steps against them. For customers we organize EVN Toploforum. Covid-19 pandemic postponed the 2020 forum, but in 2021 we had an online meeting. For investors, we prepare brochures and we meet. In 2017-2019, we organized round tables with the local authorities to enhance synergies in the fight against the dirty air in Plovdiv. We certify the contribution of our large customers to the environment: AG Selena, Ramada hotel, Plovdiv MU, RD Fire Safety in Plo

Project Results

Our efforts were successful in demonstrating that, although often invisible, the problem of dirty air affects the whole of society, and one of the steps for the solution is the choice of heating. District heated neighbourhoods report fewer exceedances of the permissible levels of air pollution. From 30.11.2021 to 25.01.2022, in the social networks, we informed the residents of Plovdiv about the problem of the dirty air and how each of us can contribute, through our behaviour, to both air quality and overall environmental improvement. The campaign has reached more than 60 300 users in social media. The two posts published have more than 100 shares and more than 530 reactions on Facebook. More than 500 people have visited our clean air webpage. Communication will continue until March 20